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 +====== SSHADE Databases: CAB ======
 +=== Centro de Astrobiología  database   ===
 +Centro de Astrobiología (CAB) – Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aerospacial (INTA), CSIC, Madrid
 +  * //Scientific Manager//: Guillermo Muñoz Caro
 +  * //Data Base Managers//: Guillermo Muñoz Caro
 +  * //Contributors//: 
 +**This database is currently not yet active**
 +The //**Centro de Astrobiología of Madrid database**// will focus on VUV-absorption cross section spectra (110-180 nm) of simple molecules and some of their isotopes in the solid phase at very low temperature and pressure. The spectra will be presented together with Mid-IR spectra of the same sample and VUV spectra of the same molecule in the gas phase. Mid-IR spectra of monolayer thin and thin films of pure ices and mixtures will be also part of the database.
 +  * [[sshade:databases:cab:samples|Samples and Spectra]]
 +  * [[sshade:databases:cab:instruments|Instruments and Techniques]]
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