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-====== SSHADE Databases: RSPS ====== 
-=== Raman Spectra for Planetary Sciences ​ === 
-Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon – Terre, Planètes, Environnement (LGL-TPE) / Terre et Planètes team  - ENS-Lyon, CNRS / Université Claude Bernard (UCBL), Obs. Lyon, Lyon, France 
-  * //​Scientific Manager//: Bruno Reynard 
-  * //Database Managers//: Gilles Montagnac (exp.), Razvan Caracas (theory) 
-  * //Data Providers//:​ Isabelle Daniel, Hervé Cardon 
-**This database is currently not yet active** 
-The //**Raman Spectra for Planetary Sciences**//​ database of the Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon will contain a selection of Raman spectra of minerals representative of some major mineral groups. The spectra provide the main vibrational fingerprints of each main mineral group and related minerals. Most of the spectra were recorded on a XY ©DILOR Raman microspectrometer equipped with a CCD detector. The spectrometer was used in backscattering geometry. The laser beam (488 or 514.5 nm exciting lines of a Spectra Physics® Ar+ laser) was focussed through microscope objectives (x50) down to a 2 micrometer spot on sample and the backscattered light was collected through the same objective. 
-Link to the original [[http://​​Raman/​|Handbook of Minerals Raman Spectra database ]]. In the future the data will be available in Handbook of Minerals Raman Spectra @ SSHADE 
-  * [[sshade:​databases:​hamiras:​samples|Samples and Spectra]] 
-  * [[sshade:​databases:​hamiras:​instruments|Instruments and Techniques]] 
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