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 +{{ :sshade:databases:fame:logo_fame.jpg?300|}}\\
 +====== SSHADE Databases: FAME ======
 +=== French Absorption spectroscopy beamline in Material and Environmental science database service ===
 +European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) / FAME line team - Structure d'Exploitation des CRG, OSUG, Grenoble, France
 +   * //Scientific Manager//: Denis Testemale
 +   * //Database Manager//: Isabelle Kieffer
 +   * //Direct Data Providers//: Olivier Proux
 +   * //Indirect Data Providers//: all the FAME and FAME-UHD users
 +The //**FAME**// database is composed of data acquired at the two French spectroscopy beamlines of the ESRF synchrotron: FAME (BM30B) and FAME-UHD (BM16). It aims at gathering spectra of standards and characteristic samples provided by the  beamlines users. In its current state, the database contains spectra collected on the different instruments of the beamlines, and at various  experimental conditions, both in terms of sample nature (liquid/crystal/powder) and environment (pressure/temperature).
 +Here is a short presentation of the database:
 +  * [[sshade:databases:fame:samples|Samples and Spectra]]
 +  * [[sshade:databases:fame:instruments|Instruments and Techniques]]
 +  * [[sshade:databases:fame:sample_env|Sample Environments]]
 +  * {{ sshade:databases:sshade_required_info.xls |Required Data}}: a file to be filled by the user to prepare the data ingestion in the database.
 +☛ [[|Access to the SSHADE\FAME search page.]]
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