ACID: Samples and Spectra

Data that will be included in the ACID database are:

Types of molecules

From simple to complex molecules, those are so far reported to be present in the ISM. And also molecules that are isomers of the reported ones. In the case of certain molecules ozone, carbonic acid, hydroxyl amine etc., we synthesize those molecules in-situ starting from ice mixtures containing oxygen, water - carbon dioxide and ammonia-oxygen, respectively.  

Spectral range

Mostly the molecules are studied in pure form. However, when it comes to a particular planetary or satellite, such as Pluto and Charon, ice mixtures are studied. 

For VUV Experiments the wavelength of most of the data fall from 107 - 220 nm whereas in the case of irradiated molecules the spectral range is extended up to 320 nm.

Temperature range

From 4 K / 10 K to higher temperatures, until sublimation, depends on the sublimation temperature of molecules. So the temperature region ranges from 4 K until 250 K. Certain irradiation experiments also leaves residues in such cases we do record spectra up until 300 K. 

For IR Experiments the spectra are recorded over the Mid-IR range (4000 cm^-1 - 400 cm^-1)

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