SSHADE Databases

These pages present all the individual SSHADE databases and describe the types of samples and instruments/techniques used to measure the spectra provided in the SSHADE database infrastructure.

Interactive map of SSHADE consortium

Active databases (green on map)

  • ACID - AstroChemical Ices Database (UKC, PRL, NSRRC, AU)
  • BYPASS - Bern icY Planetary Analogues Solid Spectroscopy (Unibe)
  • CSS - Cold Surfaces Spectroscopy facility (IPAG)
  • DAYSY - Database for AstrochemistrY and SpectroscopY (IAS)
  • DOCCD - Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic Dust (AIU Obs., U. Vienna)
  • FAME - French Absorption spectroscopy beamline in Material and Environmental science (ESRF)
  • GhoSST - Grenoble Astrophysics and Planetology Solid Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics (IPAG)
  • LSD - Layered Silicates Database (CML)
  • PaSSTEL Planetary Surface Spectroscopy Toulouse Experimental Laboratory (IRAP)
  • PIG PIGmentothèque (EDYTEM)
  • REAP - Raman Experiments for Astrobiology and Planetology (LGL-TPE)
  • REFL_SLAB - REFLectance database of the Spectroscopy LABoratory (IAPS)
  • SCOOP - Spectroscopy of organic COmpounds fOr Planetology (LISA)
  • SOSYPOL - SOlar SYstem analogues database POLand (SSDPG)
  • SPAN - Spectroscopy of Planetary Aerosol aNalogues (LATMOS)
  • SSTONE - Solid Spectroscopy daTabase Of NantEs (LPGN)
  • STOPCODA - SpecTroscopy and Optical Properties of COsmic Dust Analogues (IRAP)

Starting databases (blue on map)

  • COMEDA - COmetary, MEteoroids Dust and Analogs (IAPS, U. Parthenope)
  • ISMAD - Institute for the Structure of Matter MADrid database (IEM)
  • MIA - Marseille Ice Analogues (PIIM)
  • Mirabelle - Mirabelle database (CRPG)

Future Databases (blue on map - flag)

  • UH-ApS - University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database (Univ. Helsinki)

New partners (blue on map - flag)

In the frame of the current Europlanet-2024 RI program about 12 new partners will join the SSHADE infrastructure. The currently selected ones are the following:

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