Other databases of spectroscopy of solids

This page list the major databases providing spectra of solids with links and some notes about their contents: type of samples or materials, type of spectra, type of associated metadata, …

PDS Geosciences Node 'Spectral Library':

  • set of databases (currently only RELAB) focused on the spectra of Earth, lunar, and meteorite materials (see RELAB)

KECK/NASA 'RELAB reflectance experiment laboratory':

  • database from KECK/NASA (US) focused on the reflectance spectra of minerals and some other natural and man-made materials over the near UV to Near-IR or Mid/Far-IR (0.2-150µm) (More details...)

USGS 'Spectroscopy lab':

  • database from USGS (AZ, US) focused on the reflectance spectra of minerals and some other natural and man-made materials over the near UV to Near-IR (0.2-5.5µm) but also some up to 200µm (More details...)

JPL 'ECOSTRESS Spectral Library':

  • database from JPL (CA, US) focused on the reflectance spectra of minerals/rocks, vegetation and soils some other natural and man-made materials over the Visible to Mid-IR (0.4-25µm) (More details...)

CalTech 'Mineral Spectroscopy Server':

  • database from CalTech (CA, US) focused on transmission spectra of minerals as single crystals (Vis-near-IR: 0.3-2.5 µm), KBr pellets (Mid-IR: 2.5-50µm)and PE pellets (Far-IR: 15-200µm) (More details...)

RRUFF 'Raman, IR and chemistry of Minerals':

  • database from the RUFF project focused on Raman and Mid to Far infrared spectra of minerals --

Univ. Winnipeg 'Sample database':

  • database from C-TAPE of University Winnipeg (CA) focused on Visible Near-IR (0.35-2.5µm) reflectance spectra of minerals and rocks, plus some Raman and thermal emission data (More details...)

CRISM Spectral Library:

  • database from CRISM team focused on Visible Near-IR and Mid-IR reflectance spectra of Earth, lunar, and meteorite materials (More details...)

Database of the Astrophysics & Astrochemistry Laboratory:

  • database from NASA-ARC team focused on Mid and Far-IR (2.5-200 µm) transmission and optical constants spectra of simple ices and their mixtures --

Leiden Laboratory Ice Database:

  • database from Leiden Laboratory for Astrophysics focused on low temperature Mid-IR (1.7-2.5 µm) transmission spectra of ices and their mixtures --

Bishop Spectral Library:

  • database of reflectance spectra (0.3 to 25 or 100 µm) for a variety of minerals and Mars analog materials (note: many broken links). --

WURM Raman database:

  • database from ENS-Lyon focused on theoretical Raman and infrared spectra of minerals --

Refractive index database:

  • database focused on the compilation of the spectral refractive indexes of various type of solids (simple inorganic materails, organic materials, glasses, …), with calculator and visualisator --

The Cosmic Ice Laboratory:

  • database from the Astrochemistry laboratory (NASA GSFC) focused on low temperature Mid and Far-IR (2.5-100 µm) transmission spectra and optical constants of ices and small organic molecules and their mixtures --

Database from LASA/UNIVAP:

  • database from the Laboratório De Astroquímica E Astrobiologia Da Univap (LASA) focused on spectroscopy of Astrophysical ices in the mid-infrared (2-20 µm) including refractive index at low and room temperature. Samples include ices, small organic molecules and some mixtures as well as ion irradiated ice mixtures --

OCdb: Optical Constants Database:

  • database from the NASA Ames Astrophysics & Astrochemistry Laboratory focused on published, peer-reviewed, optical constants of organic refractory materials and ices relevant to planetary and astrophysical environments --

The PANGAEA mineralogical database ESA PANGAEA Mineralogical Database

  • A catalog of petrographic and spectroscopic information on all currently known minerals identified on the Moon Mars, and associated with meteorites. It also includes minerals found in the ESA PANGAEA analog sites --

SOLSA: Raman Open Database:

  • Open-access collection of Raman spectra focused on minerals --

RDRS: Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy:

  • Collection of Raman spectra of mineral species (natural and synthetic) + artefact samples with Raman spectra pigments, with description of crystal structure, sample image and origin, Raman spectrum and vibrations, references.--

IRUG: Infrared & Raman Users Group:

  • An ongoing compilation of mid-IR and Raman reference spectra of artists' and cultural heritage materials contributed by individuals and institutions in the international cultural heritage community and academia. --

IARPA / PNNL Solid Phase IR Spectra:

  • database from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) focused on quantitative values for hemispherical (total) and diffuse reflectance for several solid species with known particle size distributions. (More details...)

PULI: Pannonian Uniform Lithospheric Infrared Spectral Database:

  • database from the Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (GGIH) focused on infrared spectra of nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMs) especially for the ‘hydroxyl (OH-)’ region (~ 3800 - 3000 cm-1) --

PDS spectroscopy node: Lunar and meteorite spectra:

  • database of Visible Near-IR reflectance spectra (0.3-2.6 µm) of reflectance data of Lunar soils and meteorites --

SALSA Database: Spectral Analyses of Lunar Soils and Analogues :

  • database of Raman spectra (200-4000cm-1) of Lunar soils analogues. It also contains a tool to seach Raman transitions of minerals of Lunar interest --

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