Spectroscopic instruments and techniques

  • Bruker 113v FTIR spectrometer, wavelength range 1 micron to 1 mm
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 19 grating spectrometer, wavelength range 190 nm to 3200 nm

Systems and cells

  • Specular-reflection and transmission sample holders for near-normal incidence
  • Liquid-helium cooled contact-gas cryostat CryoVac KONTI Spectro B
  • High-temperature high-pressure cell SPECAC P/N 585 0
  • Polarizers for UV to FIR wavelengths

Calculation procedures

  • Kramers-Kronig analysis to derive n and k from R (reflectance)
  • Lorentzian-oscillator fitting of R and T (thin films, Abel├Ęs formalism)
  • Reflection-corrected Beer-Lambert law in ranges of weak absorption
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