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Data currently in the GhoSST database

Absorption coefficient of CH4-II ice at 20 K

Near/Mid/Far IR transmission or absorbance spectra of ices:

  • NIR: NO, NO2
  • MIR: H2O Ih, CH4-II, C6H6
  • FIR: H2O Ih,

Vis, Near/Mid/Far IR absorption coefficient or optical constants of ices

  • Vis: CH4-I & II, CH4 liq
  • NIR: H2O Ih & liq, α- & β-N2, α-CO, CO in β-N2, CO2, CH4-I & II, CH4 liq, HC3N, SO2
  • MIR: H2O Ih & Ia, NH3am, CH3OH am, CO, CO2, CH4-I & II, C2H4, C2H6, C6H6, H2S am, SO2
  • FIR: H2O Ih & Ia, NH3am, NH3cr, CO2

MIR absorbance spectrum of Orgueil meteorite powder in KBr pellet at 150°C

Vis-NIR bidirectionnal reflectance spectra + spectral BRDF of surfaces:

  • Ices: wet snow
  • Minerals: Palagonite JSC Mars-1 (+H2O ads), Smectite STx-1, Na-Montmorillonite SWy-1, Smectite SWy-2 (+H2O ads)

Near/Mid/Far IR transmission or absorbance spectra of minerals:

  • NIR:
  • MIR: Portlandite (+CO2)
  • FIR:

Mid-IR transmission or absorbance spectra of Cosmo-materials:

  • Meteorites: Allende, ALH83100, ALH84044, ALH85002, Bells, Boriskino, DOM03183, DOM08003, EET92002, EET92042, EET96029, Essebi, GRA06100, GRA95229, GRO03116, GRO95577, Grosnaja, Ivuna, Kaba, LAP02342, LEW85311, LEW87022, LON94101, Maralinga, MCY05230, MET00426, MIL07700, Mokoia, Murchison, Nogoya, Niger, Orgueil, PCA02010, PCA91008, PCA91082, QUE97990, QUE99177, QUE99355, RBT04133, Renazzo, Vigarano, WIS91600
  • IDPs: DC06-09-21 (Sc-AMM), DC06-09-54/74/83/110/157/158/164/194/248 (Fg-AMM)

Raman spectra:

  • Meteorites: Allende, Axtell, Bali, Efremovka, Kaba, Leoville, Mokoia, Vigarano

Absorbance spectra of solid Cl2SO2, CH3OH, HC3N & C3H4 at low T°

Types of samples & spectra measured at IPAG (and formerly at LGGE & LPG) for the GhoSST database

(to be ingested)

Near-IR to Mid/Far IR transmission spectra of:

  • ices, minerals/rocks, organic molecules and materials, optical materials
  • meteorites (mostly chondrites so far: in bulk and matrices) and Antarctic MicroMeteorites (in bulk)

Near-IR to Mid/Far IR optical constants and bandlists of:

  • ices, organic molecules

Vis-NIR bidirectionnal reflectance spectra + spectral BRDF of surfaces:

  • snows, ices, sulfur, …
  • minerals/rocks, salts, …
  • natural and synthetic organic materials, …

NIR+MIR microscopic spectra of:

  • carbonaceous materials,
  • minerals/rocks

MIR Optical constants of H2O Ia & Ih ices - NIR reflectance spectra of Ferrihydrite + adsorbed H2O

UV-Vis Raman + Fluorescence spectra of:

  • organic molecules,
  • natural et synthetic carbonaceous materials,
  • meteorites (mostly chondrites) and Antarctic MicroMeteorites

Fe-XANES spectra of:

  • chondrites
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