database of the Institute for the Structure of Matter MADrid

Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (IEM), Department of Molecular Physics / Molecular Physics of Atmospheres and Plasmas team - CSIC, Madrid, Spain

  • Scientific Manager: Vicente Timón
  • Database Manager: Miguel Angel Moreno
  • Data Providers: Rafael Escribano, Bélen Maté Naya, Victor J. Herrero Ruiz, Oscar Gálvez Gonzalez, Paco Colmenero

This database is currently not yet active

The ISMAD database will include near- and mid-infrared transmission spectra and optical constants of ices similar to those present in different astrophysical environments, like the surface of interstellar dust grains, the surface of cold transneptunian objects, or in comets nuclei. Those ices contain mainly H2O, CO2, CH4, CO, NH3, N2, and other minor neutral species such as glycine amino acid, ionic species and alcohols, such us methanol and ethanol. It will also contain Raman spectra of clay minerals, phyllosilicates, uranium and iron oxides.

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