SSHADE Databases

Laboratory of Planetary Remote Sensing (LPRS), Planetary Science Institute, School of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

  • Scientific Manager: Hao Zhang
  • Database Manager: Hao Zhang
  • Data Providers:

Type of materials:

- minerals, rocks, meteorites, planetary analogue materials (like JSC-1 lunar regolith simulant and others)

Laboratory techniques:

  1. Bi-directional reflectance measurement device, with both incident and viewing zeniths vary from 0 to 65 deg., spanning a phase angle range of 2.7-130 deg., at 3 wavelengths: 0.633, 0.532, and 0.473 micron (currently only data at 0.633 micron available); measurements are done in the principal plane only; 
  2. FT-IR reflectance spectra of minerals 


Products of the lab: 

  1. BRDF at 0.633 micron, of various minerals, rocks and meteorites
  2. Spectral reflectance at fixed configuration (approximately 45-45 biconical) from 0.5-25 microns for various minerals, rocks and meteorites;

Applications: planetary

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