SSHADE Databases: PIG

Pigmentothèque Database

Laboratoire Environnements, DYnamiques et TErritoires de la Montagne (EDYTEM), Université Savoie Mont Blanc - CNRS, Archives environnementales : rétro-observation & modélisation Team, Le Bourget du Lac, France

  • Scientific Manager: Émilie Chalmin-Aljanabi
  • Database Manager: Bernard Schmitt, Hélène Salomon
  • Data Providers: Hélène Salomon, Claire Chanteraud, Aurelie Chassin De Kergommeaux

The team work on the determination of the methods of preparation of the rock paintings as well as the problems of wall alteration in relation to conservation issues. Use of physico-chemical and spectroscopic methods on archaeological remains (colouring and staining objects from excavations, sampling of cave paintings and in situ measurements) as well as on a collection of representative natural coloring mineral materials collected in various places (Pigmenthothèque, over 250 samples).

The PIG database contains Visible near-Infrared reflectance spectra (typically 0.4-4.2 µm) of a series of natural mineral pigments recorded either on raw blocks, on sieved powders or on polished plots. Spectra of simulated painting with these pigments on different substrates are also included. In the future spectra of archeological paintings will be also included.

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