• Q: Do I need to be logged in to export data?
  • A: Yes you need to be logged in to export data, you will be asked to logon or register if not already. But the registration is very fast only your e-mail is mandatory (but better to also add your names and affiliation in you user profile)
  • Q: I want to use a SSHADE spectrum in my paper. How should I cite it?
  • A: You need to cite the experiment reference that you can found either in the file ending by '.citations.txt' in the export zip of the spectrum, or at the top of the spectrum and experiment pages (Not yet implemented). You can found all details on 'how to use and cite data' here {link:}
  • Q: I found a data error, who should I contact to fix it?
  • A: A contact page will be set up soon to report any data error or interface bug. Currently we are still in an internal debug phase, but as soon as all known bugs will befixed we will open the possibility to report them.
  • Q: I would like to contribute to SSHADE with some data and create my dabatase, is it possible?
  • A: Currently only the official partners of the Europlanet-2020 RI program are allowed to import data in SSHADE (in their own database), but we plan to select other partners in 2019 and are thus interested in listing all people who would like to contribute to SSHADE in the near future. So if you have valuable laboratory data on solids and would like to provide them to the community through SSHADE, please send us a mail quoting which type of data you have (type of solids, type of spectra, wavelength range, approximate spectrum number, references if published, …) and any useful information on the data. We will evaluate its interest and we will keep you informed of the next opportunity.
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