SSHADE Databases: ACID

AstroChemical Ices Database

Astrochemistry group / Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) - Ahmedabad, IN

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) - Hsinchu City, TW

School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent (UKC) - Canterbury, UK

ASTRID2, Aarhus University (AU) - Aarhus DK

  • Scientific Managers: Nigel Mason (OU), Bhala Sivaraman (PRL)
  • Database Managers: Dinesh Mehta, Bhushit Vaishnav
  • Data Providers: Dagmar Jaksch, Rahul Kumar Kushwaha

The ACID Database will contain Vacuum UltraViolet (VUV) and InfraRed (IR) spectra collected from experiments that mimic the icy mantles of interstellar dust analogues. Spectra are from molecules (simple inorganic and organic molecules and their mixtures) already identified in the interstellar medium or on solar system bodies, and their isomers. Some molecules are synthesized in-situ starting from ice mixtures containing oxygen, water - carbon dioxide or ammonia-oxygen. Spectra are recorded from 4K or 10K up to sublimation temperatures or 300K for residues.

Link to the original 'web pages based' ACID database. The data are starting to be available in ACID @ SSHADE

Access to the ACID @ SSHADE search page.

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