Bern icY Planetary Analogues Solid Spectroscopy

Space Research and Planetary Science Division (WP-Unibe) / Planetary Imaging team - Physikalishes Intitut, University of Bern (Unibe), Bern, CH

  • Scientific Manager: Antoine Pommerol
  • Database Manager: Olivier Poch, Clément Feller
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BYPASS is a database on the reflectance spectroscopy of analogues of planetary or small-bodies surfaces composed of particles of ices, pure or mixed with mineral and organic dusts. Surface samples of typical size and thickness of several centimeters are produced using methods allowing to control the size/shape of the icy grains and the way the refractory components are mixed with the ice. The database contains the reflectance spectra (from 0.4 to 2.5 µm or 4 µm) of these ice-dust surfaces placed under space simulated conditions (low temperature and pressure), including their temporal evolution as they are affected by metamorphism and/or sublimation. Most spectra were measured in the Laboratory for Outflow Studies of Sublimating icy materials (LOSSy) at the University of Bern using the hyperspectral imaging system SCITEAS. Some additional spectra of samples from LOSSy measured in partner laboratories are also included.

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