Canadian Hyperspectral Integrated Planetary Spectroscopy

Centre for Terrestrial and Planetary Exploration (C-TAPE) / University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Scientific Manager: Sandra Potin
  • Database Managers: Sébastien Manigand
  • Data Providers: Edward Cloutis, Daniel applin

The CHIPS database contains spectroscopic experiments of several types, such as reflectance, Raman and transmission, with spectral ranges covering from the UV to the near-infrared. The studied samples are either natural geological samples, field sites, meteorites or synthetic components.

The data of CHIPS are currently available on the C-TAPE laboratory website (, in Excel file format, but will be withdrawn as soon as they will be uploaded in CHIPS @ SSHADE.

Access to the SSHADE\CHIPS search page.

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