The model developed to accurately extract optical constants of solids from thin films will be described here

Trotta 1996, PhD thesis

This model has been used to extract a number of optical constants of ices in the Mid-IR and Far-IR that you can found in GhoSST

The model developped to simulate the bidirectionnal reflectance of surfaces will be described here

Doute and Schmitt, 1998, J. Geophys. Res. E, 103, 31367-31390

This model is sometimes used in the GhoSST database to generate sets of reflectance spectra of ices at very low temperatures which cannot be measured in reflectance with the current experimental setups (e.g. N2, CH4, SO2 ices, …). It allows to provide spectra more directly comparable with telescopic or spacecraft observations of planetary surfaces.

We will descibe here the simple theoretical model used to determine the vibration modes parameters of molecular solids

It has been used in particular to derive the vibration modes parameters of CH4

Grundy and Schmitt, 2002, Icarus, 155, 486 - 496

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