SOlar SYstem analogues database POLand

Solar System Dynamics and Planetology Group (SSDPG) - Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (SRC-PAS), Warsaw, Poland *

  • Scientific Manager: Joanna Gurgurewicz
  • Database Manager: Joanna Gurgurewicz
  • Data Providers: Joanna Gurgurewicz, Daniel Mège

* This database started its development at Planetary Geology Laboratory (PGL) - Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences (IGS-PAS), Research Centre in Wroclaw, Poland

SOSYPOL is a database on spectra of analogue materials of Solar System solid body surfaces, collected to help interpreting spectra obtained by various space missions. Currently the studied samples include various altered basalts and mixtures of ice and organic matter (tholins). The used spectroscopic technique is visible, near-infrared and mid-infrared reflectance. The spectra are collected in simulated environmental conditions, ambient conditions, as well as during field campaigns.

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