SpecTroscopy and Optical Properties of COsmic Dust Analogues

Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP) / Milieu Interstellaire, Cycle de la Matière, Astro-Chimie team (MICMAC) - CNRS / Université Paul Sabatier, OMP, Toulouse, France

  • Scientific Manager: Karine Demyk
  • Database Manager: Yves Daydou
  • Data Providers: Jean-Michel Glorian

STOPCODA is a database gathering infrared spectra of cosmic dust analogues at low temperature.

The samples are mostly synthetic amorphous silicates grains of composition of interest for astrophysical and planetary applications for example to model and study dust absorption and emission in circumstellar shells, proto-planetary disks and in the intertesllar medium.

Their spectroscopic properties are measured on the ESPOIR setup at IRAP and on the low resolution experimental setup of the AILES beam line at the synchrotron facility SOLEIL. The spectroscopic properties are recorded mostly in transmission mode, in the spectral range from the Visible to the FIR domain. The grains are embedded into pellets and cool down in the range 10 K – 300 K.

The delivered data are mass absorption coefficients (MAC, cm2/g). High level products such as optical constants, will also be provided soon through theoretical analysis and modeling of the data.

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