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The “Solid Spectroscopy Data Model” (SSDM) is a relational data model allowing a complete description of spectral data of solid materials. It includes a detailed description of the solid samples through their layers, materials, constituents and species. Natural matters have their specific description. The instruments and techniques used for the measurements are also described. The spectral data are of two types: spectra and their various higher levels products (instrument specific) and band lists (band parameters and transition attributions). Publications associated with the spectral data are also included in this data model. SSDM is the base of the SSHADE database infrastructure of spectroscopy of solids.

Figure 1: Links between tables of SSDM

Figure 2: Sample structure from layers to atoms

The current stable version of SSDM (version 0.8.4) implemented in SSHADE has been released in September 2017. It has many major changes, improvements and additions relative to version 0.5.6 (August 2014) used for the GhoSST database. Mostly the 'bandlist/bands/states' data model still need to further evolve.

  • Current SSDM version: 0.8.4a (Version 1.0 will be publicly released in August 2019)

The SSHADE consortium includes: B. Schmitt, P. Bollard, L. Bonal, A. Garenne, D. Albert, P. Beck, E. Quirico, Istiquomah Istiquomah (IPAG, Grenoble, F); R. Brunetto, D. Baklouti (IAS, Orsay, F), P. Pinet, K. Demyk, Y. Daydou (IRAP, Toulouse, F), P. Theulé (PIIM, Marseille, F), M. Massé, M. Giraud (LPGN, Nantes, F), O. Poch, A. Pommerol (WP-Unibe, Bern, CH), N. Fray (LISA, Créteil, F), F. Capaccioni, A. Rotundi, C. Carli, Andrea Longobardo (IAPS – INAF, Roma, I), N.J. Mason (Open University, UK), Bhala Sivaraman (PRL, Ahmedabad, IN), G. Montagnac, R. Caracas, B. Reynard (ENS-Lyon, F), N. Carrasco, Th. Gautier (LATMOS, Verrières, F), H. Mutschke, J. Weiprecht (AIU Obs., Jena, D), V. Timon, M.A.Moreno (IEM, Madrid, E), A. Kereszturi, I. Gyollai (CSFK, Budapest, HU), J. Gurgurewicz (PGL, Wroclaw, PL), A. Kuligiewicz (CML, Krakow, PL), I. Kieffer, D. Testemale (FAME, ESRF, Grenoble, F).

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