Antoine Pommerol and Bernard Schmitt have published an experiment on the effects of particle size on the reflectance spectra of the smectite SWy-2. This study includes six spectra measured on six samples with different grain sizes.

  • On SSHADE you will find an experiment entitled “NIR bidirectional reflection spectrum of Smectite SWy-2 for different grain sizes at 298K”, which contains the six spectra, each spectrum is entitled in a similar way including the grain size range.
  • If you explore the experiment, you can find additional information (see Experiment Metadata section for more details). Most of them are internal links (in red with an 'eye' symbol).
  • If you display one spectrum in the series, for example “NIR bidirectional reflection spectrum (i=0°/e=30°) of Smectite SWy-2 25-50µm grains at 298K, Patm” you get specific information on this spectrum, including an interactive plot of the spectrum and the characteristics of the sample used to record this spectrum (see Spectrum Metadata section for more details).
  • If now you examine its sample, entitled “Na-Montmorillonite SWy-2 - 25-50 mic grains”, you can discover all its chemical, physical, and environmental properties. Its chamical properties are described down to the atomic level (see Sample Metadata section for more details).
  • At the different levels, you will find links (in red with an eye) providing more information about the experimentalists (Antoine Pommerol or Bernard Schmitt), the LGGE laboratory (where the experiment was performed), the characteristics of the spectrometer used, as well as the publication where this experiment is reported.

Link to this experiment:

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